Office light is unique in that it is the only coworking/shared office space currently available in beautiful South Kerry. Whilst many of you reading this may be fully aware of the obvious benefits that sharing office space can bring, we thought it worthwhile to detail a few of these reasons along with what makes Office Light a great choice for your business

Low Cost

One of the most prohibiting factors in any business taking the leap out of the spare bedroom is just how expensive getting an office can be. From rent to furnishings to getting services installed, it can often seem that although it might be great for your enterprise to have a formal place of business, the costs involved are just so high that it seems impossible for the investment to ever ‘pay for itself’. A devoted shared office space like Office Light enables you to gain all of the benefits of your own physical office space without the burden of the costs.

Existing Infrastructure

One of the most appealing elements of life in South Kerry is it’s rural beauty, however, for those conducting business in the region, this can also be a major drawback. Often the rural broadband network can be unreliable at best, non-existent at worst. Office Light offers you the opportunity to enjoy the rural isolation, whilst having a modern office environment with high speed broadband and conferencing facilities as and when you require it.

Inspiration & Opportunities

Though we live in an increasingly networked world many small businesses still rely on word of mouth recommendation as a vital source of new business. A shared office space by its very nature immediately expands your network and leads to more of these opportunities. Along with sharing an office you can often gain insights into how others are running their businesses, which can in turn lead you to implementing improvements on your own. Struggling with a supplier? Maybe the person next to you has been through the same and can offer some advice, maybe, they are your new supplier!

Taking your business seriously

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest hurdles in the ‘working from home’ revolution, is the sometimes crippling doubt of will my business be taken seriously if I’m ‘just’ working from my bedroom/kitchen/shed/insert desk space here? More importantly, are you taking your business seriously by ‘fitting it in’ to your life, rather than giving it the proper attention and space it needs to prosper. One of the easiest ways of overcoming this, is by using co working spaces. Not only does it give you the motivation through your own investment, i.e. I’ve paid for this space, I had better make sure I use it. Also, from a more psychological point of view, its unlikely you would arrive at a co-working space in your pyjamas, nor would you spend your time chatting to your mother/brother/best friend. There is of course the other side to that point, its much easier to explain to your mother/brother/best friend that you are busy, when you are in the ‘office’ rather than ‘just’ at home. If you would like more information on how Office Light can work for you, contact us for more information.